Shine On, WV is a nonprofit founded by Jillian Howell to showcase artists of from West Virginia. Mrs. Howell - a WV native, now living in LA - reached out to me to create content for her debut social media campaign - an eight week series of weekly challenges to highlight the various types of artists that rise from Almost Heaven. 
For each week of the challenge, I designed an intro post for that week's theme, an "inspo" or recommendation post to give ideas to our participants, and a frame that was placed around the user-generated-content submissions at the completion of each week to be posted as an Instagram carousel.
The logo and initial branding was designed by Basecamp Printing in Charleston, WV, from there I designed a "mascot" for each week based off of West Virginia's state symbols (the monarch, the honeybee, the sugar maple, the rainbow trout, bituminous coal, and the rhododendron), as our state bird is the cardinal and featured in the logo. 

To see more from Shine On, WV, please visit their Instagram (@shineonwv) and their Facebook (Shine On, WV).

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